Ratatabla Dance, conducted by Esther Tablas,  brings us current stories through a unique language which stems from the traditional Spanish dance and grows and renovates itself in every work. The proposals deploy all their potential on stage combining movement, music (by contemporary authors), light and word. The creations connect immediately with all kind of public through three key elements: elegance, passion and timeliness.

The company starts in 2007 and until 2013 was directed by its two founders, Esther Tablas and Antonio C. Guijosa. In this period it produces theater and dance pieces, such as Enfermedades del silencio (Illnesses of the silence) or Desde la oscuridad (From the darkness) which have been represented -among others- in the XVI Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco, Teatros del Canal and Teatro Albéniz.

From 2013 Esther Tablas assumed command. The company conserves the dramaturgical character focused on the concerns and problems of the current society, but targeting the stage language to the Contemporary Spanish Dance combined with different plastic and musical approaches. In this period #am@r and Nora stand out, two productions which have visited differente Spanish towns.