#am@r (#l@ve) is a show of Spanish Dance and Video Dance talking about love and loneliness through new technologies.

Esther and Javier are two lifelong friends that communicate to each other through telephone chat. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and she has no relationship for a long time. Without telling to each other, they decide to register under a false name in eDarling with the aim of finding their ideal partner there. This circumstance gives rise to a series of tangles, where what the characters live in the real world has nothing to do with what they share in the virtual world.


Original idea and choreography: Esther Tablas y Javier Sánchez
Performers: Esther Tablas y Javier Sánchez
Video dance performers: Nazareth Martínez y Remei Domingo Azagra
Choreographic assistant and cover dancer: Nazareth Martínez
Interpretation consultant: Juan Carlos Mestre
Text and sound: Javier Ibarz
Voice over: Natalia Jara y Víctor Benedé
Costume and set design: Mónica Teijeiro
Wardrobe making: Isabel López y Carmen Granel
Lighting desing: Olga García A.A.I.
Video dance direction: Juan González
Editing: Chiqui Carabante
Postproduction: Sergio Muñoz Cano
Sound and Audiovisual: Antonio C. Guijosa
Photography: marcosGpunto